Daostarter IDO Refund Reason

1 min readJan 27, 2022


Daostarter is trying to play the saint, so we choose not to be silent anymore.

IDOs are known to help projects prepare start-up capital.

But Daostarter said the team would only be funded after it went live, and told us that was the rule.

Because they are worried that the project team may run away, I think these reasons are all good and acceptable, but daostarter did not propose it when we negotiated, but told us when the IDO ended.

We don’t think it’s fair, if daostarters don’t trust a project, they can choose not to help them do IDO, or take KYC to verify security, but they don’t , because they do it to earn fees.

They were also very inactive during the refund process, we urged them many times before they started refunding, and in the beginning, as long as you asked for a refund, they banned you, you think their performance is a saint ?

We will keep our original opportunity to continue execution.


💥Those who have received refunds can invest again from this website.

💥Investors this time will all receive customized NFTs.

💥Thank you for your support and we will continue to work hard.

-CEO Eric