1 min readDec 5, 2021


🥰️Squid fans, sorry to keep you waiting for so long.

🤓We fixed the contract bug, all NFTs that have been purchased will be automatically converted to the V2 version.

📣NFT Sales Re-Open
This time we willl adde some new character into our NFT BOX.

👍You need $40 worthy of $PS tokens to buy the challenger

💡Observers and Admins will be purchased by BUSD due to their limited supply and not being available for NFT staking.

🧐All BUSD from sales will be used for game development and to add liquidity.

👉For more info about our NFT function, please go to Gamewiki

🚀PSG tokens will be launched this month!
🥸$PSG is important to the game. It would be used in many scenarios.👈

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