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Welcome everyone to the world-class SQUID Game venue.

Let us first understand the background of the project.
The developer himself is a heavy game player, and he also plays several blockchain games. After watching the TV series Squid Game, he got the core gameplay inspiration from the game.

What are the characteristics of the project?

In the past, blockchain games have repeatedly carried out so-called mining and sold the tokens in your hands for profit. The pixel squid game combines the advantages of some blockchain games and integrates the creativity of the developers to carry out a complex type of multiple game model.

Our game is divided into three different identity groups and there are also three different types of NFTs for players to play.

Identity group


Players can act as challengers in the game to challenge levels. Challengers have different attribute values. The higher the strength is the power challenger, and the higher the agility and intelligence is the challenger of this type.


This type of NFT character can enter the created room to watch the battle. Before the game starts, bets can be placed on the participating challengers. When the betting challenger wins, the observer can get odds benefits from it.


The admin can create the game room. After the room is created, it can be played by challengers and observers.

Token economic model and game model.

We have adopted a dual-token economic model and will use our PS&PSG tokens.

Token economic model

The three types of identity groups in game all need to pay a specified amount of PSG tokens to play the game.Players can also use PS tokens to reload the single attribute with challengers, or consume PS tokens to recruit a new challenger NFT.

Game model

The PSG tokens consumed by the admin and challenger during the game will enter the bonus pool of the room. When the game is over, the administrator can get a fixed percentage of the bonus, and the top three challengers can also get part of the percentage Earnings. You can learn about the percentage list of the bonus pool from our game wiki.

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