1 min readNov 17, 2021

About NFT Sale

We are glad to announce that our NFT contract and the marketplace have completed the final stage.
We will start the NFT BOX sale on November 21th 12:00 UTC Time.

About NFT Details

Round 1 NFT Box Sale

The total number of challengers is 20,000 ,the number of observers is 3,500 and the number of admin is 2,000.

In order to thank our early supporters, the challenger’s chance of obtaining quality above rare has increased by 20%.

Open sales price

The price of the challenger is $25. You can buy a challenger at the price of 20 BUSD ONLY in the FIRST round sale, while the initial price of the observer is BUSD $100 and the initial price of the administrator is BUSD $200.

The NFT sales in the second round will no longer sales Admin, and the Observer will only sell 500 in the second round.

If you have read our game wiki, you will know the difference in their revenue models, and the number limit is also to ensure the scarcity of NFT.

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